Why You Need Us
  • Clearing time for your music recording, sound tracking, mixing and focus on things that really make you money;
Leave the numbers side of business to us because you didn't open a music production business to be bogged down with bookkeeping.

  • You don't have to dread or stress over inaccuracies, bookkeeping complexities and ATO compliance;
Let us help get rid of these bookkeeping hurdles because we have the skills to alleviate your stress. In fact, books that are accurate and in great shape will be far less stressful comes tax season.

  • You don't have to experience cash flow issues with your business. Neither do you have to wonder where your money is going;
We implement a cash management system that gives you a handle on profits, tells your money where to go for business growth, wealth accumulation and a healthy business.
Scrambled books or accounts sorted by incompetent bookkeeping service providers are simply services that always end up in high costs.

We specialize in business cash management and turning Paper Profits into cash INDEFINITELY.

What People Say
Quality makes perfect sounding

"Karl, it is ALWAYS a pleasure
working with you.
I can't fault the experience. The quality of work and attention to detail, speed and customer service".

Simon Moro - Director

We got you covered with your accounting needs....

"I will definitely recommend Kiribooks to other small businesses like Precision. The service is excellent, very timely manner and professionally done for us.
Expertise on accounting services is very satisfactory. If I were to hire virtual again I will suppor their work and recommendations for their service. Thank you".

Rowena Jacinto - Company Accountant
Staying on the right track with your finances gives you total peace of mind....

"Karl has amazing attention to detail which is exactly what I needed to help me get back on track with business finances.
I'd absolutely recommend him and his team without hesitation for any book keeping work".

Michelle Bourke - CEO